Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream Friday Family Treat

Homemade Mint Choc Chip Icecream – making a treat for Hubby and Youngest for the weekend.

Youngest has always been obsessed with anything Mint flavoured, and hubby adores Icecream, so to make up for my recent lack of baking I have made them some Mint Choc Chip Icecream


I am making the custard base in the Thermomix, but it’s easy to make in a pan too.


I start by adding 300ml milk and 300ml of double cream to the Thermomix jug, then 5 large egg yolks (save the whites for meringues) 100g of caster sugar.


I am adding a couple of drops of natural mint flavouring and a little green food colouring (a drop of blue and 7 of yellow) – be careful here, it’s easy to go over the top with both the flavour and the colour – you can always add more – no need to go the Kermit green I ended up with by adding twice the amount above 🤣🤣 Luckily the flavour is good 😊

I cook this for 8 minutes, heat 100 speed 3 till combined

It will look better once it’s frozen 🤣🤣

Pop into the Icecream maker bowl, then into the fridge to cool


Then, when cool, into the Icecream maker for 45 minutes,

adding the chocolate chips 10 minutes before then end to combine


Kermint and Choc Chip Icecream 🤣🤣😊


I also made some Scones for the poor Carb hungry chaps


Eat the Rainbow 🌈 Salad with Cajun Spiced Salmon Fillets

Eat the Rainbow Salad with Cajun Spiced Salmon Fillets. Low Carb and delicious.


I stocked up at Aldi yesterday, plenty of fresh salad, so that’s what we are having.


I bought some lovely looking Salmon Fillets, it’s not one of Hubby’s favourites so I will pep it up with some Cajun spice 😊


The Fillets are laid on tin foil on the grill pan.


A light coating of Smoky Cajun spice – Grilled for a few minutes- then take out to rest – the skin should just come away as you lift them.



This is a quick midweek Supper, barely a recipe, just assemble 🤣 I am using Watercress, tomatoes, Advacado, cucumber, radish, bell pepper and I will add a jacket potato for Hubby.


The Salmon is gently placed on top of the salad – done…




Garden Ratatouille with Sautéed Garlic Butter Chicken Breasts

Garden Ratatouille with Sautéed Garlic Chicken Breasts – a quick and easy mid week meal which is also Low Carb and Gluten Free


Due to the current wet and warm weather, we have some mutant Veg – giant Tomatoes and enormous Courgette, our Aubergines are finally ripening so..

I thought I would make the most of the ‘Free food’ and make Ratatouille. The peppers and red onion are from Aldi and were lurking in the fridge


I started by dicing the Aubergine and Courgette and gently frying in olive oil


I set them aside when browned


Fry 2 Red onions chopped into 8 and garlic and a Chioped Beef tomato as they start to wilt.


Add back the browned Aubergine and Courgette


then diced bell peppers and add a tin of chopped tomatoes, a sprinkling of Thyme a good squeeze of tomato purée and a glug of Balsamic vinegar. I also add a teaspoon of marigold vegetable stock and salt and pepper to taste – you may need a little sugar to balance the tartness of the tomatoes.



This can be simmered for 30-40 minutes till all the Veg is cooked through, and it is rich and delicious.


Add some chopped fresh Basil just before serving.  I would happily eat this alone, but to cater for Hubby and Youngest….


I beat 3 Chicken Breasts to about a pound coin thickness


I loosely cover each one with cling film and use a wooden rolling pin to flatten – I think of something or someone who has annoyed me and bash away 🤣


In a frying pan, I gently heat a tablespoon of butter, and a little olive oil, a grated fat cloves of garlic, salt and pepper and a half teaspoon of mixed herbs, stir through.


Carefully lay each Breast (removed cling film) into the garlic butter mix till browned and cooked through, you can pop these onto an ovenproof tray after browing to finish cooking in a preheated oven (180) if it’s easier.



Serving is simply the beautiful Vegetable base with Tender Chicken on top – Lush..

Smoked Haddock Omelette with a Prawn, Leek and Cheese Sauce Low Carb Luxury Omelette Arnold Bennett

Omelette Arnold Bennett – decedent Smoked Haddock Omelette with a divine Cheese Sauce – Low Carb Luxury

I really wanted to make something special tonight, my favourite comfort food is a Fish Pie, but as I am Low Carbing it’s off the menu, so a suitable alternative is Omelette Arnold Bennett – With a few adaptations – of course….


I couldn’t find plain Smoked Haddock Fillets Fresh or Frozen in Aldi, but I did find an oven ready Pair of Fillets dressed in a cheese sauce, not something I would usually buy, but I wanted Smoked Haddock 😊 The whole pack has 20g of Carbs, so splitting it between 3 isn’t too bad, at this early stage I am trying to stick to around the 20g of carbs per day.

I will cook these as per the instructions, but make additional Cheese sauce and add some King Prawns as there are only 2 Fillets and 3 hungry people


I make 3, 3 egg Omelettes, light and fluffy and per my previous Omelette Post and set them aside.

IMG_4932I start by gently frying some sliced leeks


I make the cheese sauce in the Thermomix, it can be made in a pan, just more stirring, I add 300ml milk, a heaped tablespoon of flour (I have used coconut flour) 30g butter a teaspoon of English mustard powder and 100g of Cheddar (crumbled).


Cook this for 8 minutes, heat 80, speed 3, I empty 2/3 of the the sauce in to a chefs pan, in with the softened leeks.


Heat the grill up to its hottest point.


Add the raw King Prawns, gently cook through.


Flake the Smoked Haddock in large chunks into the sauce, seasoning to taste.


Each Omelette gets a generous portion of the Fish mix


Fold each Omelette over


add additional Cheese sauce to the top, with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan


Pop these under the hot grill till just bubbling


Dinner is Served with some rocket leaves.

Sri Lankan Runner Bean Curry – Meat Free Monday Garden Glut Recipe

Sri Lankan Runner Bean Curry – the perfect Meat Free recipe to use some of that garden glut of Runner Beans.


We don’t actually grown our own Runner beans as Hubby is not overly fond of them, but our lovely neighbor does grow them, and is very generous in sharing 😉


I found this Recipe on the BBC Good Food site and thought it would be a perfect use of our bounty With some adaptations, obviously 😉

Youngest is back from a festival, so I need to get some vitamin’s into him after 4 days of lager and Burgers 🙄

I am using the Thermomix to make the sauce, but you can obviously make this the traditional way.


I add a quartered large peeled onion, 4 peeled cloves of garlic, a large peeled piece of ginger cut into chucks this is whizzed at speed 4 for a few seconds till a finely chopped, scrape down the bowl


Add a teaspoon of turmeric, salt and pepper and cook at heat 100, speed 1 for 4 minutes till cooked down.


Add a tin of coconut milk, whizz at speed 6 for a few seconds to combine the onion mixture in, then add 4 cloves, a red chilli, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and one of garam massala.


Cook this for 10 minutes at heat 100, speed 1


Whilst this is bubbling away, Prep your Veg, I am using Runner beans and half a red bell pepper that needs using


I cut these into bite size pieces and pop them into a bowl


Add the Veg to the curry sauce, I have used 2 Homegrown red chilli’s, just split and cook for 10 minutes till the Veg is just tender.


Add another teaspoon of Garam Masala, the juice of a lime and chopped, fresh Corriander



I will have this as it is, Hubby and Youngest will have there’s over rice.


Sunday and Suffering….

I am suffering this morning – I may have over indulged on the Pinot last night, and my worst fears came true, the buffet was a vision in beige…..  it looked great, but not for me and my low carb’ing – so Wine and nuts – the wine won and I regret it this morning 😩 Darling Daughter came and picked us up and poured me through the front door, Ha! Revenge is Sweet the shoe being on the other foot 🤣

Let me clarify, I was not completely La-La’d – just very merry – it’s been a while since I have been like that though 🙄


When I finely managed to get out of bed, I threw some eggs, ham, leeks and peppers into a buttered dish and covered them in eggs and cheese – into a hot oven for a half hour and some form of crustless Quiche appeared to save me from self induced hell.

Hubby is gloating like a good’un having had a rather more balanced approach to the food/alcohol ratio – and is making a racket in the garden with the lawnmower – how I suffer 🤣


Dinner tonight will be Rump Steaks from the Muscle Foods stash,


sweet potato fries and salad.

Normal service will resume tomorrow – when my head has healed x

Low Carb Quandary – catered party

We are heading out to a Surprise 40th party today, it’s catered, but we don’t know what type of food has been arranged.

I am going to have a light bite before going, but don’t want to look fussy at the party.



I am taking a pack of almonds with me, I am hoping for a BBQ


but just in case it’s a ‘brown Buffett’ i.e. Sandwiches, sausage rolls and cake, I need something to discreetly munch on 🤣


I don’t want to be pulling ham and salad from sandwiches – and as it is a personal choice, not a dietary need (veggie for example)

I didn’t want to give a long list of items I choose not to eat – I will grab a Cheese Omelette when we get home if necessary.

Happy Saturday everyone x