Fresh Caught Sea Bass Fillets with Quinoa salad

This is a change from our planned meal, a friend of ours went Sea fishing today and left us a Sea Bass – he doesn’t like them (mad!) I would never turn down free 聽fresh food 馃


Having filleted the lovely Bass, I checked for pin bones, then dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper


Lay them on a lightly greased layer of tin foil on the grill pan, and Preheat the grill to ‘HOT’


When I went shopping last week at Aldi, I found something new, a pack of Mediterranean Quinoa, thismis carby 52g per 250g pack, but I am adding loads of salad, so will probably eat a quarter of this maximum.


I thought this would go well with the fresh fish, with the addition of some finely diced onion, red pepper and fresh tomato with a good handful of chopped fresh coriander, and the remainder of the Rocket leaves


A good stir through with some olive oil and the juice of half a lemon


A few spoonfuls of Salad, topped with the Crispy skinned Sea Bass Fillets – nothing more needed than a squirt of lemon and a drizzle of Pomegranate Molasses.

Another simple dish, I don’t like messing with fresh fish too much, I want it to be the star of the production 馃槏


Meat Free Monday Fluffly Cheese Omelettes Low Carb and Lush

Monday again, why do they have to be so often 馃槒

Wedges for the Men, Salad for me 馃槉

Tonight I am making something simple, but it can be messed up so easily, it should be light and fluffy, it’s not an Pancake – the humble Cheese omelette – it is one of my go to meals for something cheap, tasty and filling


I am using 3 Aldi free range eggs each, (it is our main meal of the day) they will be whisked up with a little double cream, salt and pepper


Into a medium frying pan I gently heat a little Veg oil, then pour the egg mix in


leave for a few seconds for the base to start to set


then with a silicone spatula, start to push the edges to the middle, leave for a few seconds more, repeat


the idea is to get light folds of egg, so the end result is light and fluffy, not a pancake.


As the top layer begins to firm, add a handful of grated cheddar – for me it has to be the strong kind, the type that makes your mouth pucker 馃槣聽The Aldi extra strong is just right 馃憤

Gently shake the pan, to ensure the base is loose, encourage any sticky bits with the spatula


then gently slide into your serving plate, folding in half has you go


add a huge salad and a celebratory ‘Mondays over’ glass of wine and enjoy one lifes simple pleasures x


I added some Potato wedges to the men’s plates

I think I could quite happily live off eggs for a week 馃槈

Smoked Mackerel Pate with Lettuce Wraps

Just a quick post.

I was scratching my head what to make for my work lunches this week, now that I am doing low carb. 聽The it struck me – I had the makings of Smoked Mackerel Pate in the fridge, and an Iceburg Lettuce, brilliant for wraps.


Its so simple, just mix a pack of cream cheese,


the flesh from a pack of Aldi Smoked Mackerel, a big tablespoon of horseradish sauce, salt, pepper and the juice of half a lemon.


Thats it…. 聽into the fridge in a sealed pot


a few Lettuce leaves or crackers if you like


Lunch 馃槆

Sunday Best – Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops with Lemon Oregano Roasted Potatoes and Low Carb Salad Version for me

Hubby bought home some massive Local Pork Chops yesterday, they are huge 馃構


Still too warm for a traditional roast, so I will make Pan fried, Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops聽Lemon roasted potatoes for Hubby and Youngest and a big Spinach salad for all of us.

As I am Low carbing, I will use ground almonds instead of flour for the crust, so feel free to exchange that for plain flour.

IMG_4211Beat 2 eggs, a little salt and pepper and pop onto a plate, another plate of ground almonds or flour, I have added some Oregano to this for flavour, and a third of grated Parmesan cheese.


Take the Pork Chops, dip into the almond flour


then egg, then cheese


you might want to do this twice for a thicker crust.


Toss some halved new potatoes in olive oil, lemon zest and lemon juice, salt and pepper and into an oven proof dish and into a hot (200) oven for approx 30-40 minutes till crisp and golden – toss regularly


Heat a frying pan till very hot, add some olive oil and butter and sear the crusted Chops on each side till they are a deep golden brown – they smell gorgeous.

As our chops are really thick, I am putting them into a lined oven proof tray to cook through for 5-10 minutes and then take out to rest.


Hubby’s version


I take baby spinach and add chopped tomatoes, finely sliced spring onion, sliced radish and drizzle with a dash of Raspberry Balsamic

Simple and tasty- how do you like your Pork Chops?


Cocktail Hour 馃嵏 Aldi Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Frozecco 馃嵐

As you know, for my Daughters Birthday I made Cocktails for them – I thought this weekend I would make some more – for us this time 馃構


Aldi kindly sent me a bottle of their gorgeous Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, I am not just saying that because they sent me it, it’s something I buy whenever we have something nice to celebrate – for 拢7.99, to me it tastes as good as any Champagne 馃聽They asked me to try one of their Cocktail recipes ‘Frozecco’ 聽馃嵐



路 150ml Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Aldi, 拢7.99
路 20ml fresh orange juisce
路 1 cup frozen whole strawberries
路 1 teaspoon honey
路 Garnish with fresh strawberries or oranges
路 Blend all ingredients together until smooth
路 Garnish with orange slices and/or strawberries as desired
路 Serve immediately


This is lovely and refreshing, like a grownup slushy


don’t forget to top the strawberries and freeze them overnight.


Perfect for a summer evening in the garden with friends – Cheers!

Kir Royale


For another Prosecco combination, what about a Kir Royale, this traditionally is a French aperitif made with Champagne and a splash of Creme de Cassis in the bottom of a champagne flute


It is just as fabulous with the Prosecco – an amazing aperitif for a summer dinner party 馃嵕


As I was in Cocktail making mode, I will also share one of my favourites too – this is a strong one, not for the feint hearted 馃槣

Expresso Martini

250ml Frozen good quality coffee
100ml Vodka
30ml Coffee Liqueur
30ml Franjelico (Hazelnut liqueur) *optional


You could use 50ml very strong expresso and 200g icecubes – I froze 250ml strong coffee overnight.


I add all of this to the Thermomix and whizz for a few seconds on speed 7


Pour into glasses garnish with a few coffee beans and enjoy…..

Here are some other Cocktails I have made聽A White Lady聽and聽Cocobay Mojito

what are your favourite Cocktails?

Please note We are having food with this – just burgers and salad for me, jacket spuds for Hubby – well you have to have a balanced diet 馃ぃ


Fabulous Frittata – Bacon, Blue Cheese, Mushroom, Pepper, Spring Onion

Been a bit manic today, a good clean through, it’s been a bit hot to do more than a flick round recently.


I had a good clear out of the fridge too, lots of salad and veg bits that need using up.


I am making a Bacon, Mushroom, Pepper and Blue Cheese Frittata , delicious, easy and tastes delicious聽馃槉


I start by frying off chopped spring onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, smoked bacon (only as I have a couple of rashers to use up) – you can use whatever you have, courgettes, Spinach, onions blah, blah blah, the list goes on – just go for it


In a separate bowl add 8 whole eggs, A splash of double cream (or milk) a pinch of salt and pepper, whisk with a fork till blended then add the Veg and bacon mix, stir through.


Add to this some chopped flat leaf parsley, and diced Aldi Gorgonzola cheese (any cheese will do) – gently stir through, and wait till the Frittata starts to pull away from the edges of the pan and starts to firm.


Pop under a hot grill till cooked through.


When done, remove from the grill and leave to cool for 5 minutes then invert into a plate (please be careful) then turn back over.


I have used a sad looking half of advacado 聽to make guacamole mix the advacado with diced spring onion, chopped coriander, chopped tomato, juice of half a lemon, salt, pepper and stir together


I like mine chunky, but make it how you like it.


Whilst this is cooking, I boil some new potatoes for Hubby and prepare a lovely salad 聽for all of us to have.

IMG_4186Grub up, fridge tidier, tummies filled 馃槆