What a Result…. A levels

Well, it’s the big day in this house, and many more around the country no doubt. The day my baby boy gets his final A level results, and this decides his future path…

I think I am more excited than he is, which is probably why I am not allowed to go with him to school to collect the ‘envelope of doom…..’ He will go with the group of mates he has had since primary school, and they will open them together – bless…


He did well and will be off to the Uni of his choice, I will miss him like mad, his step dad will too, they are such good mates. But I do really feel for the kids (well, you know what I mean) – they are leaving their mates for the first time since they were 4 years old – that’s a massive step, I know they will meet up and what with social media they will talk lots, but it’s a big step into the world and I am very proud of them all x


We have been saving up and have bought him a ‘congratulations’ present for when he goes to Uni, an IPad mini – exravagant I know, but it means he can keep in touch with us and his mates, as well as maybe do some work LOL  Also a bottle of fizz to celebrate, well any excuse 🍾

It will be all systems go for him for the next few weeks, confirming accomodation, buying essentials (I have been helping) etc. I have booked him in to see the nurse to get his Menengitis jabs and check he is up to date with any other’s, also he is booked in to see the dentist to check his braces before going.


Food tonight is going to be fairly simple, oven roasted Mediterranean style veg, with sticky sausages and HM bread.


I have chopped courgettes, peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and laid then in the bottom of an ovenproof dish, sprinkled oragano, sea salt and black pepper, a good glug of olive oil and made sure it’s all coated, place in a 180 oven for 20 minutes, then take out, add the sausages (chipolatas in this case) and drizzle balsamic vinegar over before placing back in the oven for another 20 minutes or so till done.


Todays bread, will be a seeded loaf, in the Thermomix, 300ml water, 1 pack of yeast heat 37, speed 1 for 2 minutes, then add 500g bread flour, a good glug of olive oil, a bit pinch of salt and mix on dough setting for 3 mins, just before the end of the time add mixed seeds through the lid, it will clatter, but it’s fine – leave to rise for an hour, I then take out of the jug, knock back and shape into a ‘loaf’, leaving for another half hour, put the oven onto 200 and have a cup of water ready, when the oven is upto temperature, I slash the loaf a few times, then throw the water into the bottom of the hot oven (I leave a tray in the bottom) then put in the dough and leave for approx 50 mins for a lovely crusty loaf 😝



A very self indulgent post, so thanks for letting me blather on X

And to all of you with kids that got their results, give ’em a well done from me X


Author: emptynestfulltum

Hi - I'm a 49 yo Mum to 3 kids - Jordan (23), Grace (21) and Max (19). And Wife to my lovely Husband, Dave and step mum to 4 fur babies, our cats Eric, Ernie, Cilla and Bobbie. We live on the beautiful Isle of Wight, Hubby and I were born here, and just love our home. As I hurtle towards 50, my life as a full time (working) parent is coming to an end, with my eldest 2 kids living their own lives, and my youngest who started University in September. I realised that this is not a time to be sad, but a time to take time to spend time on some of the things I enjoy doing - mainly cooking, crafting and creating Pinterest boards for said thing s :) This blog is just a way for me to record the next stages of our lives - I hope you enjoy my ramblings...

4 thoughts on “What a Result…. A levels”

  1. Congratulations to your son! When my younger son went off to uni me & his step-dad packed the boot of the car, then he sat in while we packed the rest of his stuff around him 😀


  2. Congratulations Max. Great results for my daughter this morning too. Four weeks time and she will be starting her new adventure of moving into her shared house, freshers week and starting her chosen uni course. So, so proud of my child and so sad to no longer have her here at home with us for the next three years. Such exciting times ahead for them.


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