Pudding – with Lashings of gravy…

Sunday again, the weather is a lot cooler, we have a guest for dinner (mother in law) so a proper roast dinner is needed.

I had half a huge joint of beef in the freezer, bought when it was half price in Sainsburys recently, this will be roasted and served with Roast potatoes, Roast parsnips, carrots, runner beans, and of course, Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy.

I start by making the batter for the Yorkshire puddings, 4 eggs, a large scoop of plain flour (I never weigh it) a pinch of salt and pepper and some ice cold water whisk to double cream thickness and leave for at least an hour, but could be left overnight then whisked again just before pouring into a red hot bun tin in which a blob of lard has been placed in each hole – it should crackle and fizz when poured in – get the oven really hot and put in for 30-40 minutes they should be sky high and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Β I freeze any left overs .


The potatoes are peeled and cut and then steamed in the varoma on the Thermomix, when they are par cooked take the varoma and lid and with the potatoes still in it – give them a good shake to rough up their edges, take the lid off and let them steam dry for a few minutes, whilst you check your oil/lard is hot enough in the roasting pan, I keep the oven at 200.

I am using duck fat today, as I have some from the duck breast I cooked recently, that makes really crispy potatoes and they taste delicious. The potatoes will take and hour to 90 mins and the beef about an hour, so put them in at the same time and take the beef out after an hour to rest.

Whilst this is happily cooking away in the oven, prep your veg, I rinse out the varoma, and put in the sliced carrots on the bottom layer and the frozen (fresh) runner beans on the top, these can be steamed for 20 minutes prior to serving – they great thing about using the thermomix is that the water in the jug will have all the goodness from the veg and I use the water for the gravy, add some of the water to the empty beef pan, and loosen all those lovely crunchy bits then top it back into the Thermomix jug, add a beef stock cube and a spoon of cornflour and mix on heat 100 speed 3 for 3 minutes and viola loads of ‘proper’ beef gravy 😍

I thinly cut the roast beef, we like it rare, but Mother in law prefers it well done, so the ‘thinner’ end of the joint is cut for her and the thick end for us πŸ˜‹ Crispy roasties, steamed veggies, a big blob of Horseradish sauce and a dark slick of gravy – what’s not to like


I have grabbed a load of Rhubarb from the garden,cleaned, chopped it and chucked in a pan with a heaped tablespoon of brown sugar and a splash of water, bring to boil till rhubarb is just soft, keep an eye on it or you will have rhubarb soup πŸ™ƒ

While this is cooking, I chuck 125 g very cold butter 50g of plain flour and 200g of brown sugar into the Thermomix bowl and wizz on turbo for a few seconds, till ‘breadcrumb’ consistency, turn out into a bowl and put in fridge to ‘harden up’.

When the rhubarb is cooled, I drain off some of the liquid, turn into a oven proof dish and leave to cool – I add the topping at the last minute, so the topping doesn’t soak up too much juice. Cook at 200 for 20 mins take out and allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.

One of the many things I love about the Thermomix, is how easy it is to make custard, 500ml milk, 3 whole eggs, a blob of vanilla paste, 15g cornflower, 50g sugar and cook at heat 80, speed 3 reverse, for 7 mins – perfect fresh vanilla custard – Mmmmm….


Off to lie down in a darkened room now – full as an egg πŸ˜‡

Author: emptynestfulltum

Hi - I'm a 49 yo Mum to 3 kids - Jordan (23), Grace (21) and Max (19). And Wife to my lovely Husband, Dave and step mum to 4 fur babies, our cats Eric, Ernie, Cilla and Bobbie. We live on the beautiful Isle of Wight, Hubby and I were born here, and just love our home. As I hurtle towards 50, my life as a full time (working) parent is coming to an end, with my eldest 2 kids living their own lives, and my youngest who started University in September. I realised that this is not a time to be sad, but a time to take time to spend time on some of the things I enjoy doing - mainly cooking, crafting and creating Pinterest boards for said thing s :) This blog is just a way for me to record the next stages of our lives - I hope you enjoy my ramblings...

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