Simple Supper – Mushroom Risotto with pan fried Duck Breast

Hubby has been working hard, Youngest has gone back to Uni (he’s back midweek to start his seasonal job) so I thought I would make something a bit special for dinner.


In the Freezer, as part of my Iceland food haul I bought a pair of Duck Breasts, I would normally serve this with Dauphinois Potatoes and wilted spinach, but I have mushrooms to use up, and tonnes of different rices, so a risotto it is. The rest of the ingredients (apart from Porchini) are from Aldi.


This would actually be a great meal for a dinner party, if you also have vegetarian guests, as the risotto is veggie, I would add a big field Mushroom, doused in garlic butter and sliced as you would a steak instead of the duck breast πŸ˜‹


I start by prepping the mushrooms, I just have a tub of ordinary button mushrooms, which I will slice and add to the risotto halfway through cooking so they retain their shape. Β I also peel an onion and a fat clove of garlic and grab some thyme leaves too.


I have some dried Porchini mushrooms in the cupboard, which I cover in boiling water to soften, use the mushroom water as part of the risotto to keep all those lush flavours.

I make this in the Thermomix, but it is still easy with a pan, just a lot more stirring and chopping πŸ˜‰ I peel and half a medium onion, and a clove of garlic and pop into Thermomix bowl, whizz on speed 4 for a few seconds then scrape down the bowl, add a good glug of olive oil and a knob of butter cook at heat 100, speed 1 for 3 minutes.

Insert the butterfly whisk, and add 150g of risotto rice and on reverse speed 1 heat 100 sauté for a minute. Then add 100ml of vermouth (or white wine, I save mine to drink 🀣) and cook again at heat 100 reverse speed 1 for 2 minutes.


Top up the Porchini mushroom fluid to 350ml with Veg stock, add to the Thermomix jug with chopped rehydrated Porchini, thyme leaves and cook again for 15 minutes heat 100 reverse speed 1 add the fresh sliced mushrooms halfway through.


Grate 25g of Parmesan cheese and cut 30g butter and add to the jug and on reverse speed 2 whisk in, taste and adjust seasoning. *Note – depending on how you like your risotto i.e. Wetter or drier, you may want to add a little more fluid during this process, or cook a little more if too wet.


During this process, medium heat a dry oven proof frying pan (or have an ovenproof dish to hand) and lay your duck breast, skin side down and cook to render down the fat.


When the skin is crisp and golden, flip the breasts over and seal, then pop into a hot oven (200) for 5-10 minutes till cooked to your liking, we like it rare.


I take out the duck and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes, whilst you finish off the risotto.


serve the sliced duck breast on a bed of risotto, with a light side salad.


Author: emptynestfulltum

Hi - I'm a 49 yo Mum to 3 kids - Jordan (23), Grace (21) and Max (19). And Wife to my lovely Husband, Dave and step mum to 4 fur babies, our cats Eric, Ernie, Cilla and Bobbie. We live on the beautiful Isle of Wight, Hubby and I were born here, and just love our home. As I hurtle towards 50, my life as a full time (working) parent is coming to an end, with my eldest 2 kids living their own lives, and my youngest who started University in September. I realised that this is not a time to be sad, but a time to take time to spend time on some of the things I enjoy doing - mainly cooking, crafting and creating Pinterest boards for said thing s :) This blog is just a way for me to record the next stages of our lives - I hope you enjoy my ramblings...

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