Eat the Rainbow 🌈 Salad with Cajun Spiced Salmon Fillets

Eat the Rainbow Salad with Cajun Spiced Salmon Fillets. Low Carb and delicious.


I stocked up at Aldi yesterday, plenty of fresh salad, so that’s what we are having.


I bought some lovely looking Salmon Fillets, it’s not one of Hubby’s favourites so I will pep it up with some Cajun spice 😊


The Fillets are laid on tin foil on the grill pan.


A light coating of Smoky Cajun spice – Grilled for a few minutes- then take out to rest – the skin should just come away as you lift them.



This is a quick midweek Supper, barely a recipe, just assemble 🤣 I am using Watercress, tomatoes, Advacado, cucumber, radish, bell pepper and I will add a jacket potato for Hubby.


The Salmon is gently placed on top of the salad – done…




Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad Bowl – Eat the Rainbow Low Carb

Jamacian Jerk Chicken Salad – the weather maybe saying Autumn, this Salad yells Summer 🙄

I received my order from Muscle Foods today – this isn’t a paid for post, just happens that I placed an order this month, more on that tomorrow.


As part of the order, there were some Jamaican Jerk spiced chicken fillets, so to do them justice, I decided to keep it simple by making a giant salad to have with them.


I am simply oven baking the chicken.


I rip up some little gem Lettuce, cube seeded cucumber, slice tomatoes, spring onions, radishes, bell pepper, hard boiled some eggs and Advacado.


I have sliced the cooked chicken fillets and ready to serve

Bring back summer 🤣

I have added a jacket potato for Hubby 🙃

Super Salad Bowl Eat the Rainbow 🌈

I love a good salad, they shouldn’t be a flimsy, namby, pamby salad, they should be MEGA 😊

Tonight we have a version of a Cob Salad, the only difference is that I haven’t chopped it all into equal sizes.


Eggs – Just Hard boiled and Quartered


Chicken – plain cooked, sliced chicken breast


Crispy Smoked Streaky Bacon – For a decent crispy bacon it needs to be Streaky, the fat renders down beautifully under a hot grill, left to cool it is crumbled over the salad 🤤


For the Salad Veg, I am using Home grown salad leaves, Iceburg Lettuce, Red Cabbage, bell pepper, cucumber, celery, Advacado,  sweetcorn, tomatoes with some shaved Parmesan


A blue cheese dressing and we are good to go – no one would be hungry after that lot eaten in the garden 👍

Hubby and Youngest will have a roll with theirs if they would like it.

Pud will be strawberries and cream, if we can fit it in 😉

Prawn Cocktail British Classic Eat the Rainbow Salad

I am of an age where I remember most restaurants serving a selection of 3 starters, half a grapefruit with half a cherry on top, a glass of orange juice or a prawn cocktail.  Although the 1970’s British menu was a thing of derision, in retrospect, done well, we had some classics, who doesn’t love a Black Forrest Gateaux or a Steak Dianne 😉

A delicious, but updated version of one of these ’70’s Classic inspired our dinner tonight – a King Prawn Cocktail – Eat the Rainbow Salad 😍

IMG_4052I have defrosted half a bag of Iceland king prawns, mine were raw, so once defrosted,

IMG_4053I plunged them into boiling water for a couple of minutes, till their blue grey turns a beautiful pink,

IMG_4054then straight into chilled water to stop them cooking further

IMG_4055drain and set aside in the fridge till ready.

IMG_4059My salads comprise of Aldi Super6 Romaine lettuce, Red peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, radish as well as celery, grated carrot, Sweetcorn   – cut and pile into a bowl.


For the ‘Marie Rose’ sauce, I take 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a squirt of tomato ketchup, a shake of tobasco (pepper) sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper – mix together, taste and adjust to your taste. Mix this mayonnaise mix with the king prawns, and add some finely sliced Spring onions.


Add a generous spoonful of the prawn mix to the salad, serve with a wedge of lemon and (for the menfolk) a buttered bread roll 😍

Light, bright and fresh 😋

Rotisserie Chicken Salad – Eat the Rainbow

I know, I know, I should be cooking from scratch, but I have had a busy, busy day and forgot to take the Chicken out of the freezer 😳 As I was passing through the supermarket, the smell of the Rotisserie lured me over 😜

I have treated us to a Rotisserie chicken and will pair this salad, fresh bread (not for me☹️)


I won’t insult you by telling you how to chop lettuce 😉 But I can recommend using a wide range of what you like – I have used cucumber, lettuce, Asparagus, tomatoes, olives, celery, beetroot (not pickled), radish – as well as boiled eggs and the chicken.

This is a really tasty alternative to a takeaway for a family, and a lot cheaper than a bucket meal from that well known chicken shop 🤗

Tuna Nicoise Salad Bowl – Eat the Rainbow

Bowl food – I love Bowl food and this time of year it’s got to be Eat The Rainbow salad – today Tuna Nicoise Salad with Homemade Bread 😍


I am using Iceland frozen Tuna Steaks (defrosted)


and a whole load of lovely fresh salad from Aldi – Baby gem lettuce, radishes, red onion, olives, tomatoes, avocado, baby mozzarella balls, carrot, pepper, new potatoes, green beans, eggs – LOADS…. 🤗


I start by boiling the eggs, 3 medium eggs into salted boiling water for 10 minutes usually gives me hard boiled eggs with a slightly soft yolk. I am using the same water to boil the new potatoes. These can be left to cool.


Trim the green beans, my top tip is to keep them on the pack, tip to one end of the bag and cut the ends off, then to the other side of the bag and chop again, saves time and next to no mess, throw them into salted boiling water for a few minutes till al dente. I plunge these into very cold water to ‘refresh’ them and stop them cooking so they stay a lovely bright green.


The red onions are finely sliced and popped into a lidded plastic box with a teaspoon of sugar and a good glug of red wine vinegar – pop in the lid and shake well – leave in the fridge till ready to use – they will last a good week or so 😊

I fry off the tuna steaks in olive oil, with plenty of seasoning and leave for a few minutes to rest, slice evenly and dress with lemon juice.

The rest of the salad, tomatoes, radish are topped and tailed and quartered or sliced, the baby gem are quartered.  The pepper is sliced and the carrots grated. Half and scoop out the avocado and slice, halve the olives.


Dress your bowl with the leaves and cut Veg make it pretty and colourful, lay on the sliced tuna, halved eggs, new potatoes, crunchy beans and the dinky little Mozzarella balls.


Make a simple dressing in a clean jar, add 6 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoon of white wine Vinegar, salt, pepper, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and one of grain mustard, garlic powder if you like it, pop on the lid and shake well


this is a very simple vinaigrette, you can add a little honey if it’s too tart for your taste – drizzle this over your finished salad


Serve with chucks of homemade bread – see here for my usual Recipe

Did you notice my deliberate (not) mistake – I forgot to put the avocado and  red onion on the plates – Doh 🙄


Eat the Rainbow Chicken Salad 😇

Well – it’s certainly warmed up, so to continue my fridge clearing and meal planning, we are having a salad – a super size, Eat the Rainbow salad – or Buddha Bowls as they are being called – not vegan, but could easily be, and perfect for late spring and summer.


leftover Chicken, baby gem lettuce, Advacado, celery, cucumber, pepper, Sweetcorn, pickled red cabbage, boiled eggs, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing and grated manchego cheese.  Ohh and some Homemade Bread 😉

I am cutting the baby gem lettuce into 4 and laying in the bowls, then add the rest of the veg.

The left over Chicken goes on top with a side of my quick pickled Red Cabbage then add the dressing.


A no cook wonder 😇

The bread is my usual Thermomix recipe – 300ml water and a pack of dried yeast into the mug and ‘cooked’ at heat 37, speed 1 for 2 minutes till bubbles appear from the yeast.


Add 500g of bread flour, a pinch of sea salt and mix on dough setting for 3/4 minutes till done.  Turn out and leave to rise for at least an hour.


I am splitting the dough in 2 to make 2 baguettes- one for tonight and one for Saturday night – preplanning 👍 Leave to rise again for at least 30 minutes then into a preheated oven (200) – I chuck a cup of water into a tray at the bottom of th oven to create steam, which makes it crusty

Salad, Homemade crusty bread with butter – bliss x