Prawn Cocktail British Classic Eat the Rainbow Salad

I am of an age where I remember most restaurants serving a selection of 3 starters, half a grapefruit with half a cherry on top, a glass of orange juice or a prawn cocktail.  Although the 1970’s British menu was a thing of derision, in retrospect, done well, we had some classics, who doesn’t love a Black Forrest Gateaux or a Steak Dianne 😉

A delicious, but updated version of one of these ’70’s Classic inspired our dinner tonight – a King Prawn Cocktail – Eat the Rainbow Salad 😍

IMG_4052I have defrosted half a bag of Iceland king prawns, mine were raw, so once defrosted,

IMG_4053I plunged them into boiling water for a couple of minutes, till their blue grey turns a beautiful pink,

IMG_4054then straight into chilled water to stop them cooking further

IMG_4055drain and set aside in the fridge till ready.

IMG_4059My salads comprise of Aldi Super6 Romaine lettuce, Red peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, radish as well as celery, grated carrot, Sweetcorn   – cut and pile into a bowl.


For the ‘Marie Rose’ sauce, I take 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a squirt of tomato ketchup, a shake of tobasco (pepper) sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper – mix together, taste and adjust to your taste. Mix this mayonnaise mix with the king prawns, and add some finely sliced Spring onions.


Add a generous spoonful of the prawn mix to the salad, serve with a wedge of lemon and (for the menfolk) a buttered bread roll 😍

Light, bright and fresh 😋

Tapas – Saturday Night Spanish Seafood Special with Homemade Aioli

My lovely Hubby and I love seafood, and for his birthday at the end of March I took him to a Spanish Tapas restaurant- the food was amazing, and we thought we would try own own version. This isn’t frugal, is luxurious, indulgent and delicious, because he’s worth it – tonnes of garlic, olive oil and of course a glass or 3 of cold, dry white wine 😍

Hubby loves to cook, but rarely gets the time, so we are cooking together today.

Our base indredients are

IMG_3503a small Octopus,


this will be cleaned (I won’t photograph that as it a bit yucky)



and boiled for 30 minutes or so, till very tender- it will then be cut up, dipped in cornflour, smoked paprika, salt and pepper and fried – to be dipped in Homemade Aioli (see below)



Mussels, these are checked carefully to make sure they are alive and clean, these are then steamed with garlic, finely chopped onion, cider and cream – served with crust homemade bread to soak up the juices – this is such a quick and delicious meal by itself. (See below method for Razor clams for an alternative flavour sauce)



Tiger prawns, peel the centre part then pan fry in garlic butter, lemon juice and chopped parsley – get stuck in with your hands 😉


king prawns, with Chorizo, finely dice the chorizo and pan fry, as the fat renders and finely sliced garlic and the king prawns, toss over a high heat till cooked – amazing combination



Razor clams – similar to the mussels, check, clean and cook as per the mussels, but steamed in garlic, finely diced onion and white wine.


and chorizo, simply sliced and fried



For a bit of balance we are also having padron peppers, fry in olive oil and lots of sea salt – it will look too salty, but it’s not, this is one of my favourites. Looked everywhere for these, Hubby found them in Waitrose and if you look carefully at the picture, you will see they were grown in the Isle of Wight – about 5 miles away 🙄


I have also made a lovel Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) in the Thermomix – this makes it so simple


To the bowl add 2 fat peeled cloves of garlic and blitz for 5 seconds at speed 6 and scrape down


Add the whisk attachment to the bowl, then add 2 egg yolks, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and the juice of half a lemon Mix for 30 seconds at speed 3

Pop on the measuring cup to the lid and start to add 500ml of Veg oil, some use olive oil, but I find the taste too strong – by pouring the oil onto the lid with the measuring cup in, the oil naturally drizzles into the mix – this should take approx 3 minutes.


To finish add a good pinch of salt, the juice of half a lemon and 25ml of boiling water, mix again at speed 3 for 10-20 seconds.


Put into a sterilised jar and pop into the fridge – make sure everyone has some as this is potent and you will smell of garlic 🤣

Please excuse the towel on the table, to stop marks 😇

We don’t eat like this often, but sometimes you have to have a bit of what you fancy 😊


Bouillabaisse – Seafood Stew – Fishy F’ursday

I have been shopping and filled my freezer, due to being a lucky chuck and being given some ‘love to shop’ vouchers from work – most people would run out and buy something pretty – I ran out and bought food…. frozen food 🤣

I am an Aldi girl, but I went wild in the aisles at Iceland and have got some lovely looking seafood. All the non frozen is Aldi.


Frozen cod fillets, king prawns and shelled ‘Stir in’ mussels – Bouillabaisse they whispered, so I obeyed 😉 Luckily I don’t have to think too much as an Iceland contributor, Claire at Foodie Quine obviously loves this Fishy dish too –  have a look Here it’s not traditional, and I will, of course subtly change things to use what I have, but it looks lush 😍


I defrosted the cod fillets (4) and the prawns and mussels in the fridge overnight.

Not sure what aromatics I was going to use at this point

I start by dicing a couple of peeled onions, and 2 fat cloves of garlic, I don’t have any fennel, so I have swapped it for finely a diced celery stick and a healthy splash of Pernod.


Add the oil from a tin of anchovies to a heavy based pan, and add the onion, garlic and celery, a good Stir and then add the anchovies- stir till turning translucent.


Add a sliced medium bell pepper, a good glug of Pernod, a splash of orange juice, stir through.


Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and half a tube of tomato purée and the original recipe says to chuck in a couple of star anise, a pinch of cayenne pepper and some saffron.  Hubby and youngest aren’t huge aniseed fans so I have left it with the Pernod and instead have added a teaspoon of smoked paprika. It’s going a bit Spanish now, but nothing wrong with that, I’m sure it will still taste great!

A good Stir though, taste and season – Claire adds carrots and green beans to her recipe, I have chosen not to.


After about 10 minutes gentle cooking, it should have thickened a little, add the cubed cod fillets, a handful of king prawns and the mussels


Stir in and cook for another 10 minutes- adjust seasonings to taste and generously sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley.


I am serving this with the other half of the baguette I made yesterday, which has gone a little stale,


I am rubbing with garlic, drizzling with olive oil and pop into the oven on 200 for 5 minutes or so till crisp and fragrant.


Into a bowl (bit bowl food mad this week🤣) topped with a slice of the bread and a sprinkle of fresh parsley – Hubby has had a hectic day, so I will add a glass of wine to him and leave to marinate in a warm bath before I serve 🤗


Fakeaway Singapore Style Prawn Noodles

Feeling a lot better today, it’s amazing what a decent night’s sleep can do isn’t it 😊


In the freezer I have some Aldi raw king prawns, Which I have defrosted and fresh veg in the fridge, one of his favourite Takeaway meals is Singapore Noodles – so I thought I would give it a go 😇


I start with the prep – slice a pack of spring onions lengthways, then into inch long pieces, slice a red pepper too.


Finely slice a medium onions, and grate 2 fat cloves of garlic and about an inch of root ginger.


Slice as much red chill as you like to add.


Into a bowl add 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, I have used a pack of Aldi Oyster stirfry sauce and 4 teaspoons of mild curry powder – mix and leave till ready.


Soak a ‘nest’ of rice noodles for each person in boiling water for a few minutes, then drain and set aside. I got these from Sainsbury’s – Aldi if you are reading, please stock them 🤗


In a chefs pan or wok add 2 tablespoons of Veg oil and gently fry the garlic, ginger and Chilli.


Then add the sliced pepper, onions, spring onions, prawns and noodles, toss till nearly cooked, then push to one side, add another tablespoon of oil and add a beaten egg, and scramble.


Add the soy mix, and mix thoroughly adding chopped, fresh coriander.


I am serving this with Aldi Vegetable spring rolls, and youngest love them.



Fresh, tasty and quick – my favourite type of cooking 😉





Simple Supper – Garlic King Prawn Spaghetti

I am having a ‘doing’ day today, just the boring stuff, washing, cleaning, vacuuming, stripping beds etc – the life I lead 🤣


A Quick simple supper is needed and having some remaining Iceland King Prawns left, I thought Garlic Prawn Spaghetti with a touch of fresh herbs and lemon 😉


I defrost the prawns, then half them lengthways (fools Hubby into thinking he’s got loads 🤣)


Finely slice a small onion and 2 fat cloves of garlic, and gently fry in a good glug of olive oil and a knob of butter.

img_2584I use Vermouth instead of white wine, a good splash and cook out – it’s just for the flavour.

img_2589When softening, add 4 quartered Vine Tomatoes fry quickly then add 300ml of chicken or veg stock a pinch of pepper and cook down till slightly thickened. Add half a bunch of chopped parsley (I use the stalks) and the juice of half a lemon.


Whilst this is reducing, put the spaghetti on, I cook it in the Thermomix as I like to watch it ‘twirl’ – but a pan of boiling water does just as well.


Just as the pasta is ready, add the prawns to the sauce, and another knob of butter, stir through.


Drain the pasta, just before you add to the sauce, put the remaining half of the chopped herbs into the sauce – then mix it all together.


Plate up and squirt the other half of them lemon juice over – Enjoy 😊

You ‘batter’ believe it – Smoked Haddock and Prawn Pancakes

As you know, on Friday I made Brunch of American Style Blueberry Pancakes They were lush, here is a Link if you’d like to take a look.


It is actual Pancake Day today, Shrove Tuesday, I thought I would make a savoury version, with enough left over for pudding 😉


I have 2 portions of Iceland’s frozen Smoked Haddock left from my January shop,


and some huge frozen prawns so I thought I would make a delicious creamy cheese sauce to nestle the flakes of smoked fish and a few big king prawns in with a sprinkle of cheddar on top.

I start by making 8 pancakes, using 100g plain flour, 300ml milk, 2 eggs, whisked together and left for an hour, heat a frying pan and add a teaspoon of oil.


add a ladle of the batter, and swirl to form a thin layer.


Cook for a minute or so on each side and set aside.

When ready, turn in the oven to 200 and get ready with a large ovenproof dish (or 2 small ones in my case) for the filled Pancakes.


I start poaching the fish in 300ml milk and 50g butter, gently cook till the fish is cooked through and flakey, the prawns were added for a minute or so, so they are just cooked through, they will go into the oven too, and I don’t want them to go rubbery.


remove the fish from the milk and set aside.


With the flavoured milk, add 30g of plain flour to about 30ml milk and make into a thin paste, then add to the warm milk, whisking till starting to thicken, add 100g of grated strong cheddar.


I flake the fish and add to the thick sauce, add some fresh chopped parsley (as I had some) spoon into 4 Pancakes, leaving some sauce, add a couple of the huge Prawn to each.


I fold the Pancakes to make a cone shape, and place 2 in each oven proof dish, adding some Asparagus spears and halved vine tomatoes (they needed using) and dressing them with the remaining sauce and a sprinkle of grated cheese.


Pop into a hot oven (200) till bubbling – delicious….


The remaining pancakes – well – pudding of course, a squirt of lemon and a shake of sugar – LUSH… 😇


Fakeaway – King Prawn and Coconut curry with Homemade flatbreads

Saturday night is the night I like to make something a bit special for Hubby, his choice is usually Steak, I had planned Duck Breast for tonight, but Youngest is in, so as I only had 2 breasts (no sniggering at the back 😂) I changed it to curry for 3.


I am making this sauce in the Thermomix, but this Link will take you to the recipe I am using and gives a non Thermomix method too – I have, of course fiddled with the recipe to suit us, but that is the joy of cooking 😉


I bought a huge pack of enormous prawns from Iceland, and £8 I thought it was a good price for a luxury item – I would normally use Aldi’s ones at £2.50 for a much smaller pack, but that’s enough for 2 meals. This big bag will make 6/8 good meals.


To the Thermomix bowl I add 2 peeled and halved medium onions, 3 fat peeled cloves of garlic, a sliced thumb sized piece of ginger and a deseeded red chilli – blitz these at speed 8 for a few seconds till finely chopped, and scrape down the bowl.


Add a glug of rapeseed or Veg oil, and a teaspoon of turmeric, 2 teaspoons of dried coriander and 2 teaspoons of madras curry powder or in my case a fat tablespoon of ready made paste. Cook at varoma heat, speed 1 for 4/5 minutes till softened and smelling lush.


At this point, scrape down the bowl again, and add a tin of coconut milk, and the juice of a lemon and blitz on speed 8 for 30 seconds


Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, scrape down again and then cook for 10 mins, reverse speed 1 heat 100.


At this point, I tip it out into a chefs pan, and cook down a little, taste and season, add 100g of frozen peas, and approx 6/8 huge prawns per person. Cook over a medium heat, a drizzle of double cream or yoghurt adding chopped fresh coriander before serving.


I am serving this with brown rice and homemade flatbreads I made and froze earlier this week – but have it whatever makes your day.


Happy Saturday 🤗