Prawn Cocktail British Classic Eat the Rainbow Salad

I am of an age where I remember most restaurants serving a selection of 3 starters, half a grapefruit with half a cherry on top, a glass of orange juice or a prawn cocktail.  Although the 1970’s British menu was a thing of derision, in retrospect, done well, we had some classics, who doesn’t love a Black Forrest Gateaux or a Steak Dianne 😉

A delicious, but updated version of one of these ’70’s Classic inspired our dinner tonight – a King Prawn Cocktail – Eat the Rainbow Salad 😍

IMG_4052I have defrosted half a bag of Iceland king prawns, mine were raw, so once defrosted,

IMG_4053I plunged them into boiling water for a couple of minutes, till their blue grey turns a beautiful pink,

IMG_4054then straight into chilled water to stop them cooking further

IMG_4055drain and set aside in the fridge till ready.

IMG_4059My salads comprise of Aldi Super6 Romaine lettuce, Red peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, radish as well as celery, grated carrot, Sweetcorn   – cut and pile into a bowl.


For the ‘Marie Rose’ sauce, I take 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a squirt of tomato ketchup, a shake of tobasco (pepper) sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper – mix together, taste and adjust to your taste. Mix this mayonnaise mix with the king prawns, and add some finely sliced Spring onions.


Add a generous spoonful of the prawn mix to the salad, serve with a wedge of lemon and (for the menfolk) a buttered bread roll 😍

Light, bright and fresh 😋

Date Night – Surf & Turf – Homemade Icecream Sandwich

Making Hubby one of his favourite meals tonight Steak, chips, Onion Rings and griddled vine tomatoes with Peppercorn Sauce.


I have a couple of King Prawns that need using in the freezer


so it’s now Surf and Turf 😇


As a special addition, our wild garlic has come through in the garden, so I have washed, chopped and sautéed some with the prawns – this hasthe most amazing taste.

Not going to bore you with how to cook steak and chips, my top tips for steak are –

1. Get the pan or griddle really hot
2. Oil the meat, only use salt to season after its cooked
3. Leave to rest before serving

I make my own Peppercorn Sauce in (you’ve guessed it) the Thermomix, into the bowl add a teaspoon of green peppercorns, and whizz at speed 10 for 10 seconds, then in goes a large peeled banana shallot, a peeled clove of garlic, blitz on speed 4 for 10-15 seconds, scrape down the bowl and add 20g butter – cook for 4 minutes, varoma heat speed reverse 1.

Scrape down bowl and add 30ml brandy and cook again for another 3 minutes, varoma heat reverse speed 1.


Add 200ml of beef stock and cook at heat 100, reverse speed 1 for 7 minutes.

Add 50ml of double cream, season and Mix for a few seconds on reverse – then it’s a just taste and adjust till it ‘right’ add a little more cream if too thick.

Dinner is served……


For pud, I am making Icecream sandwiches, the Salted Caramel and Homemade Fudge Icecream, I made yesterday.


barely any calories 🤣


The Chocolate chip cookie recipe is Here it is for the Thermomix, but can easily be made in a mixer or by hand – I chill the mix in the fridge wrapping it in cling film in a fat sausage,


then slice into discs – cook for approx 10-12 minutes at 180.


Mine are quiet large, as they are for a ‘sandwich’ you can, of course make them smaller, just adjust the cooking time.


Once the cookies are cool, I take a big blob of Icecream and sandwich between 2 cookies – simple 😇

Pudding 😋